It is time for us to start praying “himpossible prayers.” You may be asking what in the world is a “himpossible” prayer? A himpossible prayer is a prayer that is only possible if God intervenes. I think that sometimes we play it safe in our prayer lives. We pray prayers that we can answer ourselves. What would it look like if You started praying a prayer that was so impossible that the only way it would be possible if God showed up? Prayer brings us closer to God. I have seen personally how my faith has grown when I am praying prayers that are so big that only God can answer. It’s not about getting things from God. It’s about recognizing that you are not the center of the universe. That you have limitations and can only do so much, but there is a God who has no limitations and can do more in one moment than we can in a lifetime of trying. When we realize this, it brings God glory. There is something humbling about prayer for the impossible. On having to depend on God. We have become far to safe and comfortable in the Church. It’s time to be done with “bedtime prayers” Where we just go down a list and pray with no passion. It’s time to have passion. It’s time to come to God like he is our last hope, because he is. Our world needs a few “himpossible” prayers. What if our biggest resolution for this new year was to fall on our faces before God and pray some “himpossible” prayers.

-Pastor Kevin