What an amazing morning of worship as we celebrated our 220th birthday!

Pastor David reminded us to “Pass the Baton” on to the next generation using Matthew 6:31-33 as a text.  To stay on course as an individual and as a church we must seek God’s will, preach, share and obey His word.

Our world is a mess.

Our nation has opened the door to a lot of corruption BUT God is still in control.  He encouraged us not to worry because when we worry it takes our focus off God, our True Master. As Christians we should seek the kingdom of God because we are part of His kingdom.  We should live righteously (having God’s approval on what we say and do) with our time, energy and money. 

Bottom line – We are not in control but should trust the One who is – GOD. We know the end of the story. God has already won!  Praise be to our Lord and Savior!

Betty Goodwin