Thinking on the sermon this morning around the story of Ananias and his wife, Sapphira, I thought about how important it is to be truthful in life. Being someone who is accountable and trustworthy has such an impact on those around you and will bring you far in life and deeper in your relationship with God.

A friend of mine shared with me years ago about how shining some light will drive darkness away.  Even the smallest light can cleanse and purify.  The greater the light, the more amplified the effect.  

In this way, we should seek to be a light to others so that we can help to drive darkness away by the choices we make in our lives.  

Being someone who chooses to be truthful and accountable helps to build deeper relationships with your family, friends, co-workers etc.  I have never regretted a time I have told the truth.  It may have been hard to share or awkward to experience afterwards but the truth is freeing and without snares.  

I am thankful for Pastor David sharing God’s message with us this morning.  I felt a call to pray for the times in my life when I wish I had made better choices and to thank God for his forgiveness and giving us all second chances and opportunity for growth.

Mike Barrieau