A Better Me in ’23


This was the message from Pastor David on Sunday. We cannot be just “bionic” Christians, but we can be Christians that “press forward” to be more like Jesus with every step we take and every thought we have.


“Bionic Christians could be all of us – we read the Bible daily, we attend church services, and try to make right decisions.”


But as good as we think we are, are we asking Jesus to be with us in all things? God has a plan for all of us, no matter our age. He is not through with us yet. If He is actually with us every step, we will make that phone call, send that card, or pray for each other. He wants us to be more intimate with Him. Thank Him when we awaken, ask Him for guidance in all matters, and praise Him for the little things.


It is a blessing to walk with Jesus daily. Personally, I cannot imagine not knowing Him. All of our past sins are forgiven and covered by the shed blood of Jesus. Isn’t He wonderful?! Press forward!


Joyce White