We celebrated the Senior Adults on this beautiful May Sunday morning.  We have quite a few at CSBC.

Our message was entitled STAY THE COURSE, as there is no retiring from God. Life is a race to the finish line. There is no letting up as we become older. Our text was taken from Psalms 71:5-18, Isaiah 46:3-4 and Romans 15:13.

Pastor David spoke of days from the past that us older folks would remember, the ways we went to school, shopped, and worshiped. We seniors grew up in very different times and ways. Back in those days being asked to do something at church was an honor. We are told to love the church because God loves us. We must continue to work and never stop praising God for his faithfulness. We all have pain, sorrows, disappointments and struggles. Keep praising him in the midst of all these!

GOD is our one and only HOPE.

Pastor David reminded us to be aware of our duty to the next generation. We have a responsibility to proclaim the goodness of God and communicate what He has done for us. It shouldn’t end with us. Proclaim God’s might to those coming up behind you!

GOD is our one and only HOPE.

I came to Clear Spring when I was thirteen years old from my home Church of Reedy Fork. Here I had so many wonderful SS teachers ,GA leaders and many others that continued to nurture my Christian development. In my mind, I thought these wonderful people were old.  They were not at that time, but I observed them for many years as they continued to serve this church. When they were no longer able to serve physically, they became prayer warriors for those that could. I want to give thanks for those that have already finished the race and heard these words…

“You have fought the good fight and finished the race. Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

As Pastor David said, “Don’t slow down, run the race to the end and bust down that tape!”

GOD is MY only HOPE.

Barbara Gantt