What is your Gospel? You may be confused with that question, but it really is a simple question. The word Gospel means “Good news.” The reason that the Gospel is good news is because of what Jesus did on the cross. He died for our sins so that we could have an eternity in Heaven with him instead of an eternity in Hell without him. This is good news.


In the Book of Galatians, Paul is dealing with this. The people that he is writing to are being swayed by false preachers and are accepting false gospels. The false gospel being presented to them was Jesus plus something else. Or your works can somehow get you into heaven. Because of these false gospels there were many people who were turning away from their faith in Jesus Christ.

Think about this…What is the one thing that comes to your mind that would make you happier than anything else. This is your ultimate good news. If that thing makes you happier than your relationship with Jesus, then you are living your life for a false Gospel.

It’s not wrong to be happy about good news. It’s not wrong to have desires other than your desire for Jesus. We all have desires. This is normal. It becomes a problem when your desires become your source of salvation. Jesus plus something else is nothing it all. It’s all or nothing with Jesus. Jesus will not play second fiddle for anyone or anything.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is supposed to be good news. But why is it that we sometimes treat it like anything but? Why is it that we get more excited over a football game? Why is it that we get more excited about the stuff that we accumulate that will only fade over time? We show more excitement over things that ultimately don’t matter and will fade away over the one that will never fade. The one who is eternal and that’s Jesus.

The gospel is HIGH STAKES. My fear is that there are many people who are living their lives for a false gospel. A gospel that promises happiness but only leads to eternal ruin. Your gospel will either carry you to Heaven or drag you to Hell.

Ultimately there is only one true Gospel. That is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Do you truly know this Gospel? Is it enough for you? If it’s not then it may be time for a heart check.

– Kevin