Week of Prayer for International Missions

We pray for missions around the world

Every day, 157,690 people enter eternity without the hope of Jesus. Please join us as we observe the Week of Prayer for International Missions, where Southern Baptists pray for IMB missionaries, their ministries and the unreached people and places they serve.

You can read the full stories highlighted this week on the IMB website HERE.

Clear Spring is gathering the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering throughout the month of December. To date our church has given $3,905. Our goal is $7,000.

The Chrismon Trees

A Chrismon tree is an evergreen tree often placed in a church during the Christmas Season. The Chrismon tree was first used by North American Lutherans in 1957, although the practice has spread to other Christian denominations.  As with the Christmas tree, the evergreen tree itself, for Christians, symbolizes the eternal life Jesus Christ provides. However, the Chrismon tree differs from the traditional Christmas tree in that it is decorated only with clear lights and Chrismons made from white and gold material.

The Chrismon tree is adorned with Chrismons, “ancient symbols for Christ or some part of Christ’s ministry”. Because many symbols of the Chrismon tree direct our attention to the nature and ultimate work of Christ, they can be helpful in calling attention to Advent themes.

We hope that the beautiful decorations in the sanctuary cause your heart to meditate on the true meaning of Christmas. The next time you walk through the sanctuary take a closer look at the ornaments on the tree and think of the meaning behind each one.

Thank you Flower Committee for serving your church family!

Christmas Handbell Choir

Tables of Bells are ready and waiting!

Our Handbell Choir has begun practice in preparation to play for morning worship on December 11th and 18th.

Christmas Joy Boxes are on their way!

Christmas Joy Boxes: 210 boxes were packed and picked up by Darrell Rooks of “The Master’s Mission”.

These will go to poor families in Mexico. For most it will be the only present they will receive. Thanks to those to donated items and funds for shipping.